VIP Member Benefits

  1. How to become SUFFLA VIP Member?

1)Register SUFFLA Website Account;


2.How to Earn VIP Coin Points?

1) While Register to be VIP Member, you would earn subscribe & sign up 100 coin points, each action you would get 50 points;

2) Place Order, each order you would get 100 coin points;

3. How to Redeem Your Coin Points?

1) sign in to personal center(suffla account), enter to coin points and click ways to redeem;

4.How to find your coupon?

1) Once redeem your coin points, you will get a coupon code;

2) If you forget your code, you can sign in your personal center(account) and enter to code to see you unused code. Please note all code expired in 30 days.

5. How to use your code?

Quick shop and use coupon in check out page without condition.