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Treasure You Can Find

With a range of metal objects that are buried underground. This includes both ferrous metals (like iron and steel) and non-ferrous metals (like gold, silver, and bronze). From treasure hunting to finding historical artifacts, metal detectors are often used in archaeology to locate hidden items. 


Suffla SMD01



the perfect companion for treasure hunters and metal-detecting enthusiasts of all levels. With unparalleled performance, durability, and precision, this advanced metal detector offers an unforgettable experience for beginners and professional users alike.

Featured Highlights:
★ Waterproof & lightweight: Perfect for all occasions.
★ High accuracy: Professional-grade technology.
★ Memory mode: Save settings for the next time.
★ Stylish camouflage design: Eye-catching without sacrificing performance.
★ Multiple modes: Versatile detector for all treasures.
★ 11" detection coil: Wider and greater depth search.