Fun discovering treasures

On 2021.8.28 from JenWoo

I wasn't really sure what to expect buying this. It was at a really affordable price point but I already wonder how good they work. Unboxing I was a little overwhelmed. It looks complicated to put together. Really it took me 15 minutes. And it was ready to go. Mine did not come with the 2 9volt batteries needed. I feel like for the money it could have came with the batteries. However not a deal breaker. I loved that it came with a bag, shovel and ear phones. I love the east phones because you can explore without distracting others and it helps hear if you are in a noisy environment. The shovel is great if you are in sand, not in dirt. We ended up getting our big shovel to dig. I did not find any good treasures but it did keep on the right items. We found nails and a lighter. I really look forward to taking it on vacation and to the lake. For the cost this is fun and even your little ones will enjoy finding treasures. I just know with time and patience I will find something that is a treasure. I recommend reading the directions as there are different setting for indoors and outdoors. I like that you can use in water too. Can't wait till we go to the beach. I feel for the price it's a great buy and super easy to use, even for the novice. I feel like this detector brings families together. I have kids 8, 18, 20, and a husband 41 and we're were all outside digging. I give it 4.5 out of 5.

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Great metal detector with tons of accessories!

On 2021.8.31 from London

This metal detector comes with everything you need for some fun exploration! I love the fact it came with a carrying case, headphones, a mini shovel and a case for the shovel. The shovel is solid so you shouldn't have any issues digging up the treasures you find. The design is a good looking camouflage color and it's lightweight. It has a nice size led screen with 5 different modes that are easy to switch between. I played around with it in my backyard and I plan to take it to the beach next time I go. It was super easy to put together straight out of the box. It's fun going on your own little treasure hunts and who knows what you will find! Highly recommend!

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This is the best bang for the buck!

On 2021.8.2 from Bobby

My first metal detector and my first find in the same day!
I ordered a few days ago and when it got here I was so excited. Literally took it out the box put it together and went outside in less than five minutes of being home. This is my first detector and a plus that it came with the tools and travel/ storage bag. I love it already. FFounda couple nails and screws nails in the matter of minutes with this thing then 15 minutes later I find an old knife which google tells me it's Scottish In some dirt I moved with the tractor. I'm trying to convince my wife to let me buy one for her to do we can cover more ground lol. Hope this helps someone looking for a new hobby. I’ve definitely found mine!!

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