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Our Brand Story

1. SUFFLA Brand Vision
Bring People more interesting exploration experiences  and make life more healthy and connected!

2.How We Start ?
The story started when our CEO Stones visited his grandpa in 2020, that day his grandpa introduced his faviorite tool to him - a metal detector as a gift from a friend.   
His grandpa has retired for decades and it is lonely when younger family members go outside to make money, he used to feel alone and boring because he had few relatives to accompany him. Most of his time is watching TV,hanging out, naping... Things changed once he got a metal detector from his best friend. 
With this metal detector , the grandpa  entered another lifestyle, he turned more frequently to go out and enjoy exploring, he is alone but not lonely.Stones was very grateful that john as the metal detector he brought made his grandpa into a healthy and happy lifestyle.
His Grandpa's change enlightened Stones to bring metal detector into more people's life.Then we started to explore this category, visit many metal detector experts and started the design and product of our own!

3. with SUFFLA You Can...
1) Start your treasure hunting 
you can start your treasure hunting right now, get more interesting exploration experiences 
2) get closer relationship
with SUFFLA metal detector, you can get closer relationship with your family, friends, colleagues...
3)Qnique gift for Everyone
A unique gift for your friends, family, colleague...